Large or small — brand or individual — KARMA Media Labs gets you noticed.

KARMA Media Labs is a full service social media agency focused on giving you the personal attention required to make your project - and our relationship - a long-term success. We work with organizations and individuals in any industry, in any size, to put together the best social media programs that meet your unique marketing opportunities and challenges.

While our clients come from all areas of business, they share one common goal: harnessing the power of online marketing (and especially social media marketing) to build awareness and effect specific actions from their target audiences.

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"Karma Media Labs really does work on the bleeding edge where marketing and technology meet. I don't have time to keep up with the latest in social media, the Web and mobile technology. But Karma has that all covered for me. They got me placed with some of the most influential names in the up-and-coming online scene just days after signing me, and from day one, they also treated me like family, not just another client."

Leslie Gornstein, E! Answer Bitch

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