What exactly is it that we do?

Believe it or not, that’s the question we’re asked the most. What is Social Media Marketing and how does it work?

KARMA Media Labs helps make sense of both Social Media and Social Media Marketing strategies. We guide our clients on opportunities to reach target audiences and fans via media such as blogs, social networks, applications and sharing site. We weave your message into niche communities your fans visit, the content they consume, and the conversations they have. We get them engaged, aware and talking about you. Your biggest fans can become your biggest evangelists. We know how to get their help and share their voice.

Right now people are talking about you…are you a part of that conversation?

What is Social Media?

Simply put, Social Media is the universe of sites, communities and resources that enables people to share with each other. Similarly, Social Media Marketing is harnessing that media to drive conversation, build awareness and spark word of mouth (usually abbreviated to WOM) around a brand, individual or particular subject matter.

Please see our Social Media 101 and Glossary for more

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